How can I find the application creating .local/icc?

I have figured out what is causing theming problems with Manjaro Pantheon, its settings in a folder ~/.local/share/icc/ in the form of “randomnumber”.icc if its removed the theming can be set and works. But on next reboot ~/.local/share/icc/“randomnumber”.icc is recreated and the theming goes wonky.
So far I cant find whats creating it. I tried pacman -Qo .icc but it came up empty. I searched for icc in pamac, but none of the applications listed are installed.

Any ideas?

Did you mean the ~/.local/share/icc/ folder? That’s where monitor color profiles are stored.

Yes, sorry forgot to add share, i will edit above to include it…

I think I have found it. In the package list for the iso colord is listed. Its an optional package for cups. Now I have to figure out how to install cups without colord when building an iso.