How can I enable 12 hour clock display on control center on Manjaro deepin?


Is there any way to enable 12 hour clock display on the control center on deepin DE?
I am trying to find out a way several time but still not found anything…
Please give me a proper solution… Thanks in advance

The picture above denotes what I am saying…


Did you search the web for “deepin 24 hour clock” ?

I found two possibilities:

and on our old forum,

Aside: How do people search for things nowadays? Is “keyword searching” not a thing any more? Do people just search for “deepin” or “clock” and then be surprised when the results don’t show them anything useful?

Clock keeps resetting to 24-hour vs. 12-hour

Will the above mentioned code work?


I’m pretty sure that setting only affects the clock’s format in the dock. I don’t know of any way to change the format of the clock in the control panel. I think the ability to change that went away about a year ago – the same time that it became impossible to switch the dock to an analog clock instead of digital.


There is one incredibly easy way to find out.

I mean, you ask for an answer, then ask if the answer will work. Why ask if you don’t trust the answer given?

You could always ask the Deepin developers directly to get the most reliable answer possible, but then why bother asking here in the first place? :pensive:


Actually, the link given in the first answer states something in dilemma…I was then at my work… So asking for sure… Anyway thanks all of you for certain response.


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