How can I complete the "interactive new user tutorial" and get the "Certified" badge?



That “Licensed” badge is of higher level than the “Certified” one. You can see the difference in colors: Silver and Bronze.


:slightly_smiling_face: Oh, that clears things up.


Disregarding that the whole badges thing is complete kindergarten, you can learn how to use the forum UI (and thus make your post better readable making other users’ and moderators’ lives easier) through this discobot tutorial.


Someone didn’t get enough gold stars or “keep going”/“good effort” stickers at school. :slight_smile:


In Soviet Union we got red star stamps in pupil’s timetable book, red flags on the table, a wall of honour and other collectivist education sanctions. :face_vomiting:


@jonathon Well hey, our Vietnamese version of yours is called “phiếu bé ngoan”.“phiếu+bé+ngoan” :rofl:

@eugen-b You never ever got these beautiful roses, did you? Bad boy/girl! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:ếu%20bé%20ngoan%20008.jpg

(A bit off-topic. LOL!)

Anyway, my point is that members who get the badges also go through the tutorials and finish all the tasks given. They’d at least know some basic stuff and hopefully know

how to use the forum UI (and thus make their post better readable making other users’ and moderators’ lives easier) through this discobot tutorial.


:slightly_smiling_face: I think that badges will motivate a lot of Manjaro’s forum members to participate in their community and perform better.

The person who created, @discobot knew what they were doing!


And there should be a tutorial how to post less empty posts.

Edit: They could introduce negative badges.


I wanted to check out what all this hype was about (and although I haven’t learned anything new, it was worth it for the capybara :smile: ), but I wasn’t going to make a big deal about it, and I don’t think anyone should.

I think anyone who participates should do it because they want to help out and contribute, not because of badges and likes.

Badges aside, I think these tutorials are a nice and funny way to learn how the forum works, I would recommend them to all new users.

@jonathon @eugen-b Some suggestions (although I don’t know if you have any influence on this): Maybe a link to the forum rules should be added to the useful links discobot gives you. I was also missing the usage of blockcode and preformatted text.


@discobot start advanced user


I’m late to the party, but I liked the cute little friend at the end. He’s great! :slight_smile:


Is there a way to get a copy of my certificates? It doesn’t seem to a normal picture I can save.


Certificates seem to be svg files. If you use Firefox you can open the image in a new tab and from the Menu Bar choose File > Save Page As… From there you can download the image and even change its extension if you prefer.

In other browsers there might be a similar option, I don’t know that for sure because I’m only using Firefox.


Not the ideal option, but another option is a screenshot.


Sorry to revive an old thread, but I have a simple question related to this very topic that I don’t think merits a new post. If one has already earned Licensed, is it not possible to earn Certified? I started the new user tutorial again after completing the advanced user tutorial and have come to the same place of @discobot display help, and there doesn’t seem to be anything after that and I don’t have credit for the lower badge. :man_shrugging:


Did you make 2 separate PMs to @discobot as @eugen-b showed in How can I complete the "interactive new user tutorial" and get the "Certified" badge?


They weren’t separate messages, no. I’ll strike up a new conversation with @discobot and try again.


I started a new private thread with the @discobot start new user command. I went through it just like I had twice before. Got to the @discobot display help part, and got the reply indicating the things he knows how to do (start interactive tutorials, roll die, quotes, and fortunes). Since I’ve already done the advanced user tutorial, I didn’t do that again, but I did reply with each of the other commands and got a response for each. That’s where it stops. I get nothing after that. :man_shrugging:


Did you click Show More then Bookmark in the last message? If you’ve done everything as directed then I’m really out of idea. :frowning:


Yes, I started with the bookmark, did the replying, mentioning, pasting of an image, bolding, italicizing, emoting, yada, yada, yada. Like I said, I get to a point (after flagging a message) where the bot says "Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help", which I do. I then give back all the commands, to which I get replies, and then nothing. It just stops. Oh well. It is what it is. Thanks for helping.