How can I change the Fn key to a modifier rather than as trigger?


On Honor MagicBook (basically Huawei MateBook) I have got Fn key to work as a trigger, that is it works the way, say, CapsLock works - hitting the key turns key’s led and FnX keys, and the next key hitting tuns the led off as well as FnX keys now work for backlight, volume and so on.

I’d want FnX keys to be turned on only during holding Fn-key (the way modifiers as Shift or Alt do work).

How to?

This is a hardware question an thus off-topic on the Manjaro forum as Manjaro cannot change the way the UEFI firmware reacts.

Therefore, please take this up on the forum of your hardware manufacturer.


Ok, let it be this way :slight_smile:
Initial guess was I am just not aware of some configuration way (say, other input devices like mouse and touchpad we can fine tune with xinput).

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