How can i change the default systemd-boot entry to manjaro?

i successfully installed manjaro xfce, replacing an old languishing arch install.

when i first selected my efi partition (/dev/sda2) to mount to /boot, the installer warned me this was insecure. so instead of trying to use my efi partition for /boot i just picked the “replace an existing partition with manjaro” option. the installer said it would add manjaro to my efi partition. it works, mostly.

when i boot up, systemd-boot from my old arch install loads. i still have my old arch option as the default, however, which doesn’t work anymore. my windows partition is still there, and can be booted, and if i want to boot manjaro i have to pick “Default EFI Loader” instead.

i’m not very familiar with systemd-boot (one of the reasons my arch partition never saw much use). is there a way i can replace the old arch entry with one for manjaro, so that it boots by default, instead of a broken one?

I am unsure if your $esp is /boot or /boot/efi and in fstab.
Best not to do anything until we get more information.
Boot up into Manjaro (your way) and at terminal, provide

efibootmgr -v
sudo parted -l
sudo blkid
findmnt -s
findmnt /boot
findmnt /boot/efi
cat /proc/cmdline

note: ‘parted -l’ --> small ‘L’ and provide information of all disks.
Also explain the partitions,
like sdb3 is /home, …, sd5 is manjaro /, sda1 is $esp for windows, sda2 is $esp for arch, sda3 is $esp for manjaro and …
Let us know computer make and model.

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may be this topic
if you want Grub & EFI

thank you folks. i initially wanted to get the existing systemd-boot to be able to load manjaro, but the solution of following the guide to replace it with efi grub was expedient, once i realized that it would be able to preserve my ability to boot the windows partition (and it did). works like a charm.

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