How can I activate my Nvidia card ?

Hello everybody,

I have a bothering issue for months.
I have an integrated intel graphic card and an Nvidia card.
When I try to switch to proprietary driver, notebook doesn't start correctly, I think this is causing by a missing configuration like initramfs that I don't know how can I handle.
So, I already gave up from this option.
I only want to use my Nvidia card actively whether by using proprietary or open-source driver.

Please help me.!

Kindly find below related pic


You have to chose one of this options

Look at Prime, that does what you mentioned, or look for Optimus-Switch ...

Hey bogdancovaciu,
Thanks for your reply but I think this is a bit advanced for me.
I simply want to ask that, are you using your Nvidia or AMD drivers actively on your linux ? (For Example: while using GIMP)

I'm a dedicated Desktop PC user for long time. The nvidia GTX 650 and GTX 960 are working perfectly for me with the video-nvidia drivers. No issue in Gimp, Krita, Blender ...
If your laptop has a powerful dGPU, and you still want from time to time to save some power while on battery, following this step by step will get your system running properly

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I will definitely try this.
I have GTX 860M, think it is powerful and I don't have any saving power issue because my battery is already dead.
I did a small research and learned that ubuntu is already using PRIME, I was a bit stable on ubuntu by using NVidia proprietary driver before.
Last thing is that I wonder, after handling PRIME, on the first system update, will I face any problem ?
Thanks for information.

I don't see why would Prime fail after an update, but probably it can happen.
See here and do all the steps

but pay attention and do only the DM part you have installed now, not for all of them ...

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In this case I will do Gnome DM part in the end.
Thanks a lot Bogdan.
When it is work, I will let you know.

Hi mates,

I have just switched to Prime thanks to Jonathan's instruction.
When I looked at the gpu memory usage, it is on 900/2000 on idle.
Is this normal ? And I felt like the system was a bit smoother before and I am facing 3s screen lags sometimes, is this about the NVidia prop. driver ?
Is there any way to switch dedicated gpu temporarily now on ?
Actually, I am thinking that if bumblebee is more efficient for me but I am not sure.
Because, I need my NVidia only using GIMP and watching movie.

what to you mean by 900/2000 ?

how is memory usage if you're using intel?

when you encounter lag, can you check which nvidia-gpu power-state is used ? (use something like

while :; do nvidia-smi --format=csv,noheader --query-gpu=timestamp,pstate; sleep 1; done


I meant memory by 900 mb/2000 mb.
I do not know how was on intel and I am not able to see it because I can not switch.
I have tried to change power state, actually I did but after the restart previous option has came back, I don't understand.
I think it is not about power state.

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