How are forum visits counted?

I'm puzzled by the forum visit count presented to me here:

It counted 6 visits by me in the last week, when I've been here every day and even posted something on every day.

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I think the FAQ on discourse may have an answer to that


I think the visits stat applies to the number of days you've been visiting the forum, and maybe it's saying "6" because the 7th day isn't over yet? :thinking:

Hmm, it says "7" for myself. Odd. :thinking:

If it has, I'm unable to find it.

Even if today isn't over: this can't be the missing day because today I'm visiting. Must have been some other day.
My concept of "day" might just be different from discourse's?


How do I access this stat?


Click your avatar -> select your profile name -> Activity or go directly to Summary


If you mean the stat in the opening post, click the hamburger menu, and select "Users". :wink:

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Yes I meant the top post. The stat by week. I see it now thank you.

(Wow this is really fun seeing everybody else's stats in one long list. I feel like I need to improve my forum game.)

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Thanks, I had dismissed it on my first search.
Read the thread twice but I'm still in the dark why my visit count seems to be missing 1 day.

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I don't know just something random. Maybe you are visiting from a timezone where sometimes 2 of your days is 1 day for discourse? Do you always come to the forum the same time every day?

If you look at your monthly stat, you are only missing 1 day. So I do not think it is something serious to worry about it.

You are worried about getting a badge for consecutive days?



No: mornings and/or evenings. Sometimes in between.

"Worry" is not a word I'd have used in this context, I just don't understand this and sometimes my not-understanding-something nags at me.

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