How about an AUR delayer?

Since one of the main drawbacks of using AUR with Manjaro is that we get the “build requirements” late, i was thinking of having some kind of mechanism/database that would suggest the right PKGBUILD commit for our current branch state.
Is this something you already have considered/tried/thought about? Before i might try building something…


…or what AUR actually is.
Hence, your post makes little to no sense.

Just parse last < and build that.

How about the user manages their own AUR packages. Neither Manjaro nor Arch supports the AUR.

Well, then delay updating your AUR packages.

That was not my intent and I don’t think @zbe’s post is. I’m straightforward and blunt by nature. I say what I mean and mean what I say.

The “Manjaro philosophy”, whatever you think that might be, has nothing to do with the AUR.


Well, let us know if you come up with something and create a new post.