Hover text pamac in Cinnamon 5.4

Since the latest Cinnamon 5.4.2 upgrade my Pamac icon in the bottom panel right does not show text when hoover with the pointer, just a thin broad yellow underline box where package info usually is shown. Other icons seem to work. Searched about it without luck. Any ideas? :thinking:

Mine works OK try another icon theme?

Thanks. I figured it out: had to remove the panel and clean out things, run cinnamon-panel-chooser and fiddle around some with the system tray. Some of the icons are huge compared to others but it’s alright for now :smiling_face: :+1:

Edit: Just to be clear, the only way for me to see the yellow onmouse-over text on the pamac icon in the System tray, is to go into the Panel setting, choose Right Zone, and set Colored icon size to 32px or more or use the scale option. The system default 24px does not work, just a thin empty yellow box at the bottom of the panel as shown by the screenshot in the first post of this thread, at least for me on two systems.

You can change the size in the “panel settings” and set different sizes for your colored icons and the symbolic ones.

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Yeah, figured it out finally :wink: My system tray applet is behaving somewhat weird going wide or empty when changing the panel. But logging out and in again seems to restore things this far :slight_smile:

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