Horrible fonts in Libreoffice

I'm using libreoffice-fresh. The fonts appear perfectly in everywhere in my system. Only in Libreoffice, it's outright horrible. I couldn't fix it using anti-aliasing or editing /etc/profile.d/libreoffice-fresh.sh. What should I do?
Libreoffice Writer:

Anywhere else:

I solved it by using
and then logging in and out.

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Work OOTB :smiley:

qt and gtk conflicts can give headaches sometimes. On gnome libreoffice looks good, qt5ct font settings can fix qt apps.

Did you have scaling on? That's what fu*ks up the fonts.

its because i have added libreoffice settings already


There's no wiki. What does it do? Does it only affect libreoffice?

sorry i dont get it???

I mean, what does this package do? You said that it's fixed because you added libreoffice settings. What did you mean?
Is it a theme that you made?

well thats the setting for my manjarowish kde spin

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Ah. Got it.

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