horizontal scrolling when pressing shift

In Linux Mint Cinnamon I had the option to press shift while scrolling and as a result the scrolling was horizontally (not vertically).
I liked this feature very much, so I'd like to use it in Manjaro i3 too. But even though I searched in the LinuxMint Cinnamon configurations, I wasn't able to find the config for that. Does someone here have an idea where to search or how to implement this feature in Manjaro i3 otherwise (I've searched on the internet but didn't find a real solution)

  1. autostart sxhkd from your i3 config
  2. in your ~/.config/sxhkd/sxhkdrc place the following configuration:
shift + button4
     xdotool command to scroll left 
shift + button5
     xdotool command to scroll right
  1. profit

Obviously you need to determine the right xdotool command for this.

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Back in the days when screen was text based 80x25 Scroll Lock was used for that purpose.

An extension maybe?

Or a trackpad function like on macBook two fingers left/right moved document horizontal if content allows it.

@Chrysostomus hm read this solution and thought about it, but I don't like this that much since this creates endless commands and it not "clean". I thought there have to be an option somewhere (since LinuxMint cinnamon uses it and I don't think they implemented this option on their own) maybe in the Xinput settings but I didn't find something there.