Hope to find help with Tor Browser and PKGBUILD files


My objective: for the past few days I’ve been trying to install the Tor Browser on my Raspberry Pi 4, which is running on Manjaro ARM XFCE 20.12.1.

From what I can gather my architecture (aarch64?) is not compatible with the git download from the AUR repo or the Tor Project linux package. Based on the error I received I thought it may be possible to download the .apk file for aarch64 off the Tor Project website even though it’s tailored for Android. Although I still haven’t been able to figure out how to build a package, I was curious if I could somehow build the .apk package for my Pi.

I had seen a post somewhere saying you could download something to get the google play store to work and install it via there, except I would prefer to not use google.

In any event, I would still like to learn how to build packages for future reference and to add to what little linux/arch linux knowledge I’ve accrued thus far. I would appreciate anyone’s input on some questions and things I’ve read.

(I installed base-devel)

What if after extracting the contents of a package you can’t ./configure, make, or make install?
Is there a common place and filename of the author’s steps to install?

You can use a template from the /usr/var/pacman folder but how would I even go about editing it or tailoring it the right way? Even an existing one I feel would be hard to confidently edit without feeling I could cause damage in some way. Do you need to know Bash to do it?

In order for your system to associate the PKGBUILD file with what you’re trying to install you need to add that file to the directory (or one directory up?) of the package? If so, why is it necessary to make a working directory for it (preferably ~/abs/pkgname) if the package in question requires you to move the PKGBUILD file to it’s directory?

Does building a package from source require you to make your own PKGBUILD file or edit a template of sorts? Are there utilities/commands that may aid in expediting this process?

Lastly, the Tor git file from the AUR repo had a PKGBUILD file in it, does anyone think it could potentially be edited to suit my device/OS?

I really just need a clear and concise step-by-step process that highlights the significance of doing these things and how to achieve this. If anyone knows of a tutorial or guide it would certainly make my day. Thank you for your time!

I have run this in the past testing it. You run it from a directory.


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Thank you very much for showing me there was a port out for ARM, I had no idea it existed! I will definitely try this out tomorrow!

Would still love to learn a bit more, too, if anyone has any good resources to read. I know the wiki is packed but I feel like I may need to start with something in more layman’s terms. haha