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Honestly I don’t know how to start and describe “What I’ve done” (screenshots down below) :smile:

Long story short.

I’ve started project on 1.60 Ghz HP 356 and XFCE was too much for this brave laptop when recording session had more than fifteen tracks and tons of plugins (compressors, equalizers etc). PC always was on last place because all money I invested in music equipment and related things. So I don’t had many options (meanwhile I discovered OpenBox and i3) and I started to think…

Back to the subject.

Basically it’s redesigned OpenBox (regular) made by fhdk with Obsuite from William (alfalfa) and “jgmenu trick” from Piotrek (nwg). So credits go to gentlemen :slight_smile:

My copycat work is “Studio and Daily” mode, few pdfs with plugins description, system configuration, Ardour configuration, tips for beginners, install scripts, Frankenstein obmenu and few things I don’t remember now.

Main goals is to have one system for daily and studio work and ergonomic graphical environment. What i mean is guitar on leg and keyboard they don’t like each other.

For now I can’t say that RecBox is done in 100% I think it will never be. It’s always something that can be done better and cool plugin worth to be mentioned. Btw last days I’ve added enable and disable cpu power and RTC services item to obmenu, so manjaro behave almost like a normal system. I need to do something with disabling threadirqs when is not needed but it’s matter of time. Probably shell script do the job.

Now Increasing RTC, enabling cpupower service, and threadirqs are managed by WorkFlow > Studio and Daily options. No need do this manually :slight_smile:

I always forget to mention it. If in RecBox is something you like but you don’t want to drop your desktop environment I’ll be happy to help you with “transplantation” :slight_smile:

I’ll be appreciated for all suggestions and happy christmas :slight_smile:

I’ve made Matcha color scheme based theme for Ardour.
If you enjoy it you can grab theme separated repo if you don’t want whole RecBox Stuff.


Looks nice, I like to try it :slight_smile:


Thanks, sometimes I think that it’s look better than it works :joy:


We almost always our own hardest judges. Great work :+1:


Thanks I’m trying my best :slight_smile:

For few last days I thought about maintaining package for Manjaro as a next step in RecBox developing (It is still missing something but I’m not sure what). I don’t want to provide extra work for you guys so package will be pretty safe for as all at the moment. I guess :smile: So if RecBox will be ready who I need to ask and how whole procedure looks, what are the criteria and so on? And is this will be possible at all?


get in touch with me :slight_smile:


Cool :slight_smile: Thank You @fhdk :kissing_heart: :heart_eyes: xoxo lol


If someone is interested about Ardour theme, AUR package can be found here.


I’ve made separate repository for RecBox docs so if you interested check it out.

Repo contains:

  • List and description of Pro Audio plugins and extra form AUR
  • System setup
  • Ardour configuration and tips for beginners
  • list of youtube channels with tutorials and articles (at the moment only one)

In this week I’ll be focused on documenting stuff so expect frequent updates.

Happy Sunday :slight_smile:


just checking out the Ardour theme, v cool

not seen openbox look so nice before
been happy with XFCE for ages, but this would be good on my older backup system

good to see a different take on an audio setup to keep it simple with just one DAW

look forward to seeing updates


Thank you @nikgnomic :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I think you should feel like home. Open Box regular is working with xfce under hood and Rec Box is set to use xfce settings on Daily Mode and openbox settings on Studio.

If you want to make your custom color theme it’s relatively easy but time consuming. Just choose one of themes in Colors and change one color or more, then open my-theme-you-changing-ardour.colors in text editor (/.config/ardour5/) to find what you changing. This should be helpful too.

Once again Thank You :slight_smile:


I know that isn’t most epic thing in the world but I customized
XFCE settings manager to be more useful with openbox.

Also I made scripts for system suspend and one for studio session backups :slight_smile:
Suspend is provided by betterlockscreen ( -s option) so we have locked screen by the way.

If you want to update RecBox please use Configure RecBox option from recbox-install.sh (touchpad script will be written so you need to configure it).

Regards :slight_smile:


Really nice work :+1:


I pushed my laziness to a higher level today :smile: Now in Tools menu we have magic button called Update RecBox so we have repo package equivalent for now. Should be good enough before RecBox turn in to package.
Also no need to spam gitlab there is Show Updates option in Tools menu.

Regards :slight_smile: