/home on external drive

First, I am not sure this is the correct area for this, so I apologize ahead of time if it is not.
I am trying to put /home on an external drive adding to the /home on the SSD in my laptop.

I can change it to /home but when I mount it KDE starts giving me major problems, like when I click on an icon on the taskbar it says there is no such folder and clicking on restart gets no response whatsoever. Eventually kwin completely crashes and I cannot boot into the machine at all. Have to start from scratch.

Also, whatever files you need let me know. I am not sure which ones you would need for this.

Are you saying that you want to keep the /home on your SSD but you want to add a partition on an external drive to your existing /home?

What is the filesystem type on that external partition?

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Both file systems are btrfs. I purposely made /home smaller on my internal SSD because I thought I could just expand /home on the external HDD.

Just symlink to directories on your HDD for large video/photo/music/whatever collections.

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With btrfs, you can, but you’ll have to do it the btrfs way, not from within a GUI environment. Also, I’m not so sure whether it would be wise to do that with a removable device. :thinking:


man btrfs-device

Pay attention to the add option.

Thank you. … I keep this external HDD special with this laptop. I treat it as a an integral part of it.
Also, I like the idea of putting all of /home on the external drive. So will looking at doing that according to directions. I’ll read them all first then follow according to what my system is.