Holdpkg in pacman.conf

I happened to open pacman.conf the other day and noticed the following line:
HoldPkg = pacman glibc manjaro-system
Are these packages still supposed to be there?

Hi @CGA,

I’m guessing so, since mine also has:

$ grep HoldPkg /etc/pacman.conf
HoldPkg      = pacman glibc manjaro-system
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Ok, I’m sure they are there for a good reason.

From… :point_down:

man pacman.conf


HoldPkg = package ...
           If a user tries to --remove a package that’s listed in HoldPkg,
           pacman will ask for confirmation before proceeding. Shell-style
           glob patterns are allowed.

Those packages are indeed still required to be there, because they should never be removed.


Which makes sense, because removing any of those would undoubtedly be a fatal (for the computer) mistake.

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Perhaps more so for the computer owner than for the computer. :stuck_out_tongue:

  • glibc is the GNU C library that everything in the system depends upon.

  • pacman is your Arch Linux Package Manager, without which you won’t be able to install anything anymore.

  • manjaro-system is less of a system ruiner when no longer present, but it provides a pacman hook and it helps in rebuilding the initramfs during an update.

I was under the impression that holdpkg meant never to upgrade the package but it seems it means never remove. I get that removing them would not be a good move.

Edit: I see now that I mixed up holdpgk and ingnorepkg.


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