Hoffice doesn't follow the global theme

Hello, I am a Korean Manjaro user who is in desperate need of help.

There is this software called ‘hoffice’ in AUR. What is special about this software is that this word processor has been used by tens of millions of Koreans over the last 30 years and adopted as the official word processor by the Korean government, but the problem is it hasn’t been available in Linux over the last 30 years, Then in the year 2021 things changed. The company which manufactures ‘hoffice’ made a bold decision to release ‘hoffice Linux edition.’ That is why ‘hoffice’ is now available on AUR.

However, there are two major problems in ‘hoffice.’
The first problem is that it does not follow the global theme.
The second problem is that it is very slow in responding.

I hope there might be a altruistic and benevolent computer software out there who can help to solve these two problems. Thanks.

Please report the issues upstream. There is neither anything Manjaro nor the AUR Maintainer can do.

The problem is that this is proprietary software repackaged as an ALPM package, and therefore there is no guarantee that it will integrate well with the rest of the system. According to the AUR page for this software, it uses qt5, but because it is proprietary software, it may be that its visual theme was hard-coded in — we have no access to the source code, so we cannot tell.

Presumably hoffice does have some internal configuration tool that allows you to choose an appearance that closest matches your desktop environment. Unfortunately, the software vendors’ website was not particularly helpful, given that it’s entirely in Korean without offering as little as a language selection. :frowning_man: :

Well, that now is not something we can do anything about. The uploader of the package also offers no way of contacting them outside of the AUR page, so you could try filing a bug report that way — you will need to register an account there — or perhaps contact Hancom directly. :man_shrugging:


Hancom released hoffice’s source code. The problem is that this document is all written in the Korean language. I wonder if translating this document into the English language might help to resolve the issues mentioned in this post.

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