Hint to linux516 experimental and clipboard (clipit, copyq)

I had been working with this kernel and noticed that it does not manage the clipboard in a correct way. I used clipit and copyq. I copied (Ctrl+C) a first part of a text and then a second and a third … but the clipboardmanager “remembered” only the first part.
Using linux515 everything works fine.

The clipboard and the kernel have absolutely nothing to do with one another. The clipboard and any cllipboard manager are userland applications running in an unprivileged memory address space.

Your experience is probably due to some other reason. Maybe a glitch in the desktop environment or window manager you’re running, or maybe in x.org or wayland, but it’s got nothing to do with the kernel.

Thanks for that information. The only reason I thought the issue depends from kernel-version was that it does not work with 516 but works with 515. So there will be another reason and I will work with 515 and test sometimes 516.