Hindi language support not working


Please add language support hi_IN.UTF-8 in manjaro system for hindi support


i also think manjaro needs to add this as many apps like lutris jgmenu dont work when locale is en in


My Manjaro

$ cat /etc/locale.gen | grep -i hi
#  A list of supported locales is included in this file.
#hi_IN UTF-8  
#hif_FJ UTF-8 

Check yours.
If they exist, enable by un-commenting and running

sudo locale-gen

so you have them available.

Edit: Or use Manjaro Settings Manager


manjaro dont have hi_IN.UTF-8
and also we dont have en_IN.UTF-8
it makes big difference having (.)and not having it.


My i3 has it, or?

~ >>> cat /etc/locale.gen | grep -i hi                                                                                           [1]
#  A list of supported locales is included in this file.
#hi_IN UTF-8  
#hif_FJ UTF-8  
~ >>> cat /etc/locale.gen | grep -i en_IN                                                                                           
#en_IN UTF-8  

The locale-gen command will generate all the locales,
placing them in /usr/lib/locale.


Can you explain what you mean?
I don’t understand.


see i dont know if it makes a difference
but we have
en_IN UTF-8

see there the dot is missing in en_IN UTF-8
when locale is set as such some applications return as incorrect locale.
you can try running jgmenu with en_in UTF-8
as locale.


So the problem is not in every aspect of “Manjaro”, only some programs. Correct?
I asked for explanation, but I get some words. Can you use more time and more words to explain the issue?
Also, is this what OP has?
I showed some command output. Can you show me yours?
No message, no error, no issue…


because i know the error so i always use en_US.UTF-8
as locale.
i knew this error when i tried to install openbox edition in live it worked okay.but after install menu did not work.so after some tests i concluded its problem with locale as the live iso locale is en_us and mine was en_in.so i did reinstall with locale as en_us and it has become my habit to always use en_us now.as i encountered lutris not launching.steam not working properly.multibootusb also did not work.


If this is the case, this should be reported as a bug upstream.
/etc/locale.gen is owned by glibc, so it should be reported to that project.

Manjaro can’t support more languages than glibc does.


Thank you for the history, but we need the present facts.
Ⓦⓗⓔⓡⓔ is the problem.


i dont have the jgmenu and en in locale now but


So you have created a topic and trying to get attention… :sweat_smile:

Can you help on this topic?

Helping others may help you as well…
I do that every day :wink:


as strit mentioned we need to report this to upstream.to solve this long standing problem.
and it might be there for every locale which dont have postfix as .UTF-8.


Yeah. You found the bug, know what it’s about, so you should report it. :slight_smile:


so where should i report i cant seem to find the repository for it.


One quick google search:


but one thing i cant understand is if its glibc related then why linux mint has hi_IN.UTF-8
and manjaro doesn’t.


Maybe they patched it?


What does @umesh think about everything :smiley: