High IO rate an HDD

Hi at all,

I have a new second HDD mounted as ext4

UUID=8c59771f-fda7-4bc9-ae26-d208f18126a2 /backup ext4 defaults,noatime 0 2
used as a Backup drive.
I am wondering why the IO is very high, although no program is running.

The output of “iotop” show
e[52de[1;61H3.95 Ke[2;58H 11.84e[4;5H496 be/3 roote[4;26H0.00 B/s 3.95 K/s ?unavailable? [jbd2/sdb1-8]

that the task jbd2 (internet say Journaling block device) is causing so much traffic.
So the question is: why? Can I avoid of that?

Thanks at all for the help.

Best regards Stefan

System: Manjaro, KDE

Hello @gambler :wink:

Is there a lazyinit process also? Note that after partitioning it initialize the partition lazy. That reduces the time on file system creation, but for an amount of time, it will use some percent of bandwidth constantly until it is finished.

Usually it shouldn’t bother, but on USB2.0 connections it can be disturbing.

You can speed it up by mounting it with (0 means no intervals between writing the table):

sudo -o remount,init_itable=0 /path/mountpoint

About the journal, there is nothing you can do. It is a security measure for your data. Enable or disable it. Probably journal_async_commit can improve the speed.

Hi @megavolt
thank you for the answer. So waht I understand is that I have to whait some time to finish the initialize the partition lazy.
OK I wil give it a try. Best regards.