High CPU usage but nothing in top

Good morning,

I’m quite in despair, today I have high CPU usage but I don’t find any consuming process in top, my CPU cores are about 30-50% with nothing opened. This results in my cpu being about 70-80°c without doing nothing, quite problematic :confused:
All the process in top are under 10% of cpu usage.

I now I didn’t said much but I really don’t know what information can help you diagnose the problem.

If anyone can help me with this trouble I would be very grateful !

You’re going to have to show us some output to determine what’s using your CPU. Post the output from top or htop showing the top CPU consumers.

I’ve had the same problem with Linux Mint and Manjaro. The main cause was not having the proper graphics drivers installed, it wasn’t using GPU acceleration.

After some investigations I’ve noticed that on a freshly created account I had no problem.
So I looked at the programs on startup on my original account and noticed “Kalarm”, which I launched for the first time this morning.

It didn’t looked to consume much resources (bellow 1%) in top but I tried to kill it and the CPU charge came back to normal.

So I simply uninstalled Kalarm and it fixed my problem.

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