HiDPI-Support on Xfce, not working with krusader, double commander


I followed [HiDPI-Support on Xfce?]
and have set /etc/environment to include:

On my 4k Laptop 17inch display most programms are scaled as expected (also I could use more than 2x scaling), but the programms krusader and doubleCommander have still small fonts and icons.
How can i scale these programs?

I am new to Linux and Manjaro, so I may have overlooked the obvious.

thanks for any help.

  1. Determine which toolkit it uses. QT or GTK? Or something else?
  2. Keep in mind that older programs normally don’t have such support or need extra adjustments.

re 1.Its QT.
re 2. seems to be pretty recent, latest versions from 2022

Any hint how to scale up krusader?

Installing doublecmd-gtk2 instead of doublecmd-qt5 might help.

that worked for double commander, thanks

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