hiding .desktop extension

I recently installed Manjaro Budgie 18.0.4 and after installing legacy nautilus and enabling desktop icons, all has been great except...

When i pull programs, such as for example OpenRA, It'd show openra.desktop

I wanna remove that .desktop extension and keep it purely OpenRA. How would i do this?


What happens if you double-click the .desktop files on the desktop? Do you get a popup window mentioning that the application launchers are untrusted (or something similar to that)?

I'm not sure whether I understand you correctly, but do you want to hide the extension in the filename in nautilus?
From my limited knowledge, it seems not possible, as the way Linux deal with extension is different. They are part of the filenames.


If I understand correctly, what the OP wants is .desktop files to display the value of their Name key instead of showing up as filename.desktop - for example the file firefox.desktop should appear simply as Firefox (using the icon specified in the .desktop file).


So that something like openra.desktop shows up as purely openra.

Apologies for replying again, I should've clarified this but i mean on the desktop, not the Nautilus file manager itself.

Context: I enabled desktop icons using nautilus-legacy

If this is the case then it may depend on the desktop environment itself. I'm not familiar with Budgie, but on my KDE Plasma environment, the *.desktop files automatically display the Name key instead of the filename as below.

Aw ■■■■ , thanks for the help. i really wanted this

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