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recently when applying updates I got a warning that 2 updates will break dependency if I proceed! I canceled the update, unselected the 2 updates, and then proceeded with the upgrade of the rest. I’m now left with those 2 updates in the update window -See below

first question: why was this update offered in the first place (I don’t think I have an XDG sound card)?
second: how do I permanently remove or hide them, so that I don’t accidentally install them with the next update?

The answer lies in the Stable Update Announcement, item number 2, which always has Known issues and solutions.

Just let pamac manage it and Apply it. You can find out what Requires the package via pamac by clicking on the package, selecting Dependencies and scrolling down to “Required By”, or via pacman -Qi libcanberra. An even better tool is pactree.

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There are no “unwanted updates” on a rolling release distro like Manjaro: either you install all updates or you remove the packages you do not need and do not want to update.
Partial updates are not supported and will break the system sooner or later.

Responding directly to the headline of your topic

No can do

Understanding the intervowen concept of a rolling release is mandatory.

Well its like been between a rock and a hard place. If I install, my system will break - If I don’t install my system will break sometimes in the future!
So maybe If i wait a few weeks, the problem with those 2 files will have be resolved and I can install them without breaking the system? Or I figure out what app uses those 2 files and get rid of the app - it’s obviously something to do with ‘sound’ any clues as to what app?

Did you read the first reply to your post? Update with pamac and let it remove the 2 packages for you as they are obsolete/no longer required.

Nothing will break if you let pamac do the update, the manjaro devs have recommended you use pamac for this update so your system doesn’t break

This is no problem to be resolved but a discontinuation of packages.
Read the announcement thread on how to handle this situation.

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I applied the update and as you said nothing broke! It was the confusing error message with warning that it will break a dependency (see below) that made me hesitate to apply the update. Thanks for your help.

PS: how do I mark this tread as Solved? Do I just edit the title? or is there something to click?

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Marked as Solved for you.

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