Hide KDE panel when full window is open

Hi, i wonder if i can hide my top panel when a full window is opened? I put it in “Window can cover” mode but when i put my mouse on the top, it appears but i want it to stay hidden while my window is in full screen. Is it possible to do that?

The short answer is no. Putting your mouse at the top brings the panel up. You might try System Settings → Windows Management → Windows Behavior → Movement and adjust the pixels. Not really sure about this, but in general there is no reason while running an application that you would need to put your mouse at the top of the screen. If the panel opens, just move your mouse down a bit and it will hide again.

ps My suggesting is that you have your panel at the top of the screen like I do.

No, permanently hidding the panel when a window is maximized is not possible, but if you make the window full-screen by way of F11 — or sometimes Shift+F11 — then no panels will show up, regardless of where you put the mouse.

I’m with Aragon on this. If you need to get to your apps menu you just press F11 again, do what you need to do in your menu, and press F11 again to remaximize.

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This must be a bug. I used the setting “Windows can cover” for a long time and the bar didn’t appear by moving the mouse to the top. Now I tried it again and it does appear. It makes no sense. If it’s supposed to work like that, what’s the difference between this setting and auto-hide?

The difference between these two materialises when a window is restored (not maximized). With ‘Window can cover’ the panel stays and you can move a window above/over the panel, whereas ‘Auto Hide’ always hides the panel, also in restore mode.

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I have my panel at the top, Auto Hide and Windows can Cover are both turned on and it has always worked this way since KDE 3.X

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Forget it, you’re right. What I used was “Panel over windows”, hiding the title bar. Sorry for the confusion.