Hid-generic 0003:0B05:189D.0003: No inputs registered, leaving

I have an Asus Xonar SE installed and it gives me this error message:

hid-generic 0003:0B05:189D.0003: No inputs registered, leaving

Is something still missing?
A driver or something?

Please post more information about system

inxi -Faz

Asus Xonar SE sound card should work with Linux audio driver snd_hda_intel

reddit.com/r/archlinux - Removing “hid-generic: No inputs registered, leaving” message on boot

Fixed it! I followed the instructions on the Arch wiki’s silent boot page in the sysctl section. My understanding is that this allows errors or worse to be printed to the console but hides warnings, which is what the hid-generic message is.

If this is a warning rather than an error and is not causing an issue with audio, warning can be disregarded