Hibernate to disk with encryption enabled does not work

I did a fresh installation of Manjaro KDE and this time I enabled disk encryption and use a swap file instead of a partition.
Unfortunately now hibernation is not working anymore. I see the option in the start menu and when I try to hibernate, it first switches to the lockscreen. Before the fresh install the pc would then shut down after a while, but now I can simply put in my password after a few seconds and the pc unlocks as if nothing happend.
Could this be related to the encrypted disk and is there anything that I need to configure manually to make hibernation work in this scenario?

Hello @Olmarq :wink:

Normally it should work. How did you setup it?

Well, I basically did not setup anything. In the installer I selected encryption and the swapfile, when I first booted grub asked for my encryption password and inside Manjaro the hibernate option was there from the start just as it used to.

Then I assume, that there is bug when using swapfile and encryption.