Hi, how can I install these dependencies in manjaro?

Hi, how can I install these dependencies in manjaro? When I install them, it always says I can’t find

 libgranite-dev >= 6.0.0
 libhandy-1 >= 0.83.0

Package names:



libhandy or libhandy0 depending on what version you need.

Dependencies should be automatically selected when you install a package.
What are your trying to install? What is the actual error you get?

Thank you for your help, sir.

I tried to compile and install GitHub - elementary/screenshot: Screenshot tool designed for elementary OS

After a bit of seaching, specifically how to install it on Arch I found out that, in Arch, if nowhere else, this is known as pantheon-screenshot and is availablle in the community repo.

$ pamac search pantheon-screenshot
pantheon-screenshot                                                                                                                                                                            1.7.1-2                community
The Pantheon Screenshot Tool

So it can be quite easily installed from there:

$ pamac install pantheon-screenshot

It should install any dependencies automatically.

Hope this helps!


Thanks, very useful for me

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