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my name is Andi and Iโ€™m from Germany. Iโ€™ve tested for few years several Linux distros. I started with Linux Mint and tried OpenSuSe, Ubuntu, Debian. At least last year I heard about Manjaro. Personally, it has been interesting for me because itโ€™s a community based project, mainly developed in Europe (itโ€™s not the main point) and a rolling-release OS with its own repos. Another aspect which convinced me is having a big choice of DEs/spins and to switch to different Kernels.

Therefore I hope that we all here will help each other.



P.S. : sry for posting it twice in our Newbie Corner :sweat_smile:


Hi and Welcome, love the avatar!


Hi @sammiev :slight_smile:
Thx for welcoming me here. Oh yeah, I love my avatar too. @SGS redesigned it from another pic :wink: great effort and work! :slight_smile:

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