Help with wifi and disconnection/password issues



So, it only really became apparent to me that since a recent full update, including kernel, I’ve been having serious issues with my wifi.

It took time to pin it down to my machine since we do sometimes have poor internet anyway, which will sometimes slow page loading, or incur delays using chat apps, thus I’m not always ready to look for local problems. But a number of other issues led me to read through the man pages of iwconfig, ifconfig and other tools as they felt necessary.

I have the RTL8192ce chip. I’ve read the wiki, my card is listed as supported etc. I am on the latest, fully updated Manjaro. I have installed the 8192cu_dkms package just in case.

I’ve been able to use iwconfig from root to set things like power management, rtx threshold etc but, I note after restart those settings do not persist.

I also noted for example that I’m getting Invalid misc values, showing that some sort of packet loss is occurring.

Beyond this is the fact that only now, Network manager keeps popping up a window asking me to confirm the password i.e. I’m now being randomly cut off from the WAP. I manage the wireless network here anyway, so know that the router is not only up to date, but functions perfectly for other users.

I don’t know how or what exactly to diagnose, which is why I’m asking here. For example, one way to cure random cripplingly slow page loads, is to disconnect from the wifi, reconnect and BOOM! the page loads straight up.

I have a network monitor installed on my taskbar. I can watch and see how sometimes, for example clicking a URL, the upload and download speeds stay at zero, meaning presumably the request doesn’t get sent. I can wait a minute or more…

but usually, if I disconnect/reconnect, the request is sent.

Happy to post output here. Could someone please suggest what and where to start??


well, perhaps I also found my own answer for now!

I stopped and then disabled NetworkManager and read through the Arch wiki on manual network setup.

A bit of trial and error later, and wow! no delays and currently no issues :slight_smile: