Help with single GPU Passthrough

Hi, so essentially I am trying to create a single GPU passthrough VM. I am sure my groups are good etc. I will attach a libvirt log. No errors are there. Basically I believe that I screwed up my driver unloading and gpu detaching script somehow. Everything works, the screen blinks, the output changes and I’m presented with a Windows 10 Boot up screen and Tianocore logo across the screen.

libvirt log: win10.log -
my startup script: - (basically it is a slightly modified script from Mutahar since I have more than a VIDEO and AUDIO component on my GPU, I used the ids instead of $VIRSH_GPU_VIDEO, AUDIO, USB…)

I did a lot of digging on my own, which is why I’m here. The last resort.

Thank you in advance to anybody who brings something to the table. If you want any more logs, files etc, hit me up.

Just noticed your post. I’m no expert in single GPU passthrough, but here some comments:

  1. Use the xml format when sharing your VM configuration. Most people will not know what to do with your win10.log.

  2. Your start script is incomplete:
    Use the hash-bang at the beginning:

  3. I would use a sleep 10 after removing the nvidia drivers (modprobe -r). And another sleep 10 after the virsh
    Later when things are running you can reduce or remove these pauses.

  4. Seeing the Tianocore logo is a good sign.

  5. If you have more than video and audio, then chances are you have a newer graphics card. If it is an Nvidia, then you may have to load a modified video BIOS. I’ve written a tutorial which you can find here:
    Passing Through a Nvidia RTX 2070 Super GPU

At the bottom of the tutorial you find a link to a VFIO Discord channel that can be helpful. Also, check out my other passthrough tutorials.

I’m not a great fan of single GPU passthrough, but I can see the need if you run it on a laptop.