Help with portable AMDGPU PRO installation

To preface what you’re about to read, I’ve done this before so I know it’s possible, but it was a long time ago and after setting the files up I kinda forgot how to repeat it and just copied the files over every time I needed them. Now I don’t know how to set the files again correctly but I still have the env vars to run them.

I need to run (again) DaVinci Resolve, and I refuse to install the amdgpu pro aur packages because they just cause me problems to this day, literal boogeyman of arch installations. For this I used to run a portable installation of amdgpu pro that was referenced with a script, this made it so the driver was never used or acknowledged but only called when I explicitly did so to run a specific program, the driver was loaded from a folder on my home directory, which I could move into a clean arch, ubuntu, opensuse, any distro install and use the same script to run programs with the driver without it being installed.

Specifically I think it’s the OGL part of the driver and the OCL part of the driver, but I just cannot remember anymore. Nowadays the driver seems to be delivered in a TON of .deb packages and it’s just a mess to figure out what I’m looking at. I’ve tried to make sense of the files but nothing connects properly. My old driver folder where everything was working properly was deleted, because I thought if I needed it, I could just set it up again with an up to date version of the driver when it’s out.

Here’s the script, which should work if the files were present on it’s original structure

LD_LIBRARY_PATH="$PACKAGEPATH/home/dodss/amdgpu-pro/amdgpu-pro-libgl/usr/lib/amdgpu-pro:${LD_LIBRARY_PATH}" LIBGL_DRIVERS_PATH="$PACKAGEPATH/home/dodss/amdgpu-pro/amdgpu-pro-libgl/usr/lib/dri/" dri_driver="amdgpu" /opt/resolve/bin/resolve

I need help setting the files back again, but I cannot make heads or tails of any of the files of the driver or if I’m even extracting the proper .deb packages or if there’s any way to get the files without messing with the .deb packages at all (I don’t remember having to deal with .deb packages back then). I also cannot find any information on anyone doing something similar even tho the first time I did it was following a guy on some forum online who explained it. Sorry for the long post, thank you in advance.