Help with monochrome KDE GTK2/3 Theme

Hello everyone. I really liked this global theme Patrik Wyde / monochrome-kde · GitLab. but i couldnt build the gtk theme, I followed the instructions shown. but when I run the get this error:

[guillo@guillo-nitroan51544 ~]$ cd breeze-gtk/src/   
[guillo@guillo-nitroan51544 src]$ sudo sh -c Monochrome -t /usr/share/themes/Monochrome
[sudo] contraseña para guillo:
sh: No such file or directory

tried the same, but with, but I get a different error:

[guillo@guillo-nitroan51544 src]$ sudo sh -c Monochrome -t /usr/share/themes/Monochrome line 45: @PYTHON_EXECUTABLE@: command not found

how can I build this gtk theme? looking at the dates, the project seems to be dropped, so I don’t expect a reply any time soon.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

There is no Try reading the installation instructions again. :wink:

EDIT: See below.

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@Yochanan He/she are talking about this part:

@guillopacheco I can replicate the issue. Follow these steps to successfully build it:

sudo pacman -S cairo python-cairo libsass sassc breeze breeze-gtk git base-devel --needed
git clone
cd breeze-gtk/src/
sed -i 's/@PYTHON_EXECUTABLE@/\/usr\/bin\/python/g'
sudo sh -c Monochrome -t /usr/share/themes/Monochrome

Tl;dr replace @PYTHON_EXECUTABLE@ with /usr/bin/python in

Screenshot (totally unnecessary but why not ;):

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Ah, I see.

It’s in the extra repo: :wink:

pamac install breeze-gtk
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We are trying to …

… Build and install the breeze-gtk GTK2/3 theme with the :point_right:Monochrome KDE colour scheme :point_left:

…and not just install breeze-gtk theme.

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…but that repo is just KDE’s breeze-gtk, right?

Clone the breeze-gtk repository with command below.

$ git clone

That redirects to Plasma / Breeze for GTK · GitLab

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Okay okay but atleast this part is important right? …if you want to build “the monochrome gtk theme”

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thank you, I really appreciate it,
this line made the trick

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