Help with KDE Menu Icons

Hi all

I'm having some trouble changing application icons on KDE (up-to-date with no other DEs installed). Using Kmenuedit did work fine but at some point over the last year I stopped being able to change icons at all. Kmenuedit still launches and I can still select a new icon but after clicking save (and seeing the usual "saving" loading bar complete) no changes ever take hold.

I've tried rebooting, logging out and back in and searching for solutions online. I found plenty of old posts complaining of this but the solutions that worked for them don't seem to work for me. I've tried running 'kbuildsycoca5' and deleting /var/tmp/kdecache-user.

Any help or hints would be much appreciated...

This is my output from kbuildsycoca5:

kbuildsycoca5 running...
kf5.kservice.sycoca: Parse error in "/home/bilal/.config/menus/applications-merged/" , line 1 , col 1 : "unexpected end of file" The desktop entry file "/usr/share/applications/org.kde.kded5.desktop" has Type= "SystemService" instead of "Application" or "Service"
kf5.kservice.sycoca: Invalid Service : "/usr/share/applications/org.kde.kded5.desktop"

It looks like this is corrupt. Is it needed? Can you remove it?

You can maybe

pacman -Qo /home/bilal/.config/menus/applications-merged/

(or the other files) to see if it is owned by any package. It certainly does not appear on my KDE system.

Many thanks for your help - no package owns and I've removed it, however, it doesn't seem to have made a difference...

When you Edit Applications in the Menu, all those custom applications.desktop files will be saved in ~/.local/share/applications/
Do you have the correct permissions on that folder, do you have any file there?

I do have the desktop files with the correct information in ~/.local/share/applications/ but these do not seem to be being picked up.

I have admitted defeat on this, thanks for the help, but I'm going to reinstall - it's a small thing but it does jar me out of what is otherwise a cohesive desktop experience. My current Manjaro install has lasted two years so doesn't feel too onerous to reinstall to fix this...