Help with Broadcom driver

Hey, everyone I need a driver for this device Broadcom 57XX Gigabit Controller can someone help me pls

Hi @5020, and welcome!

  1. Please see, How to provide good information

  2. Please, open a terminal, execute

sudo inxi --admin --verbosity=7 --filter --no-host --width

…and giving the resulting output here, wrapped in triple backticks. (```)
(Don’t worry, and personal identifiable information will be stripped from the output.)

  1. Is it the Broadcom Nextreme? Because that is the only possibility, that it might not even be, I could find on the 'net. And then it might not even be that.

Can you be more specific?

As pointed above, provide more information on the hardware.
Also do you need a specific driver because it currently doesn’t work?

If available directly from Manjaro repositories, you can check in System Settings -> Hardware -> Network Controller if a driver can be installed from here, if not then give more info on the hardware and the issue.

it does not have an internet connetion

ubuntu has a driver for this network card

While I really do understand that, I can also tell you that chances are very good you’ll need some kind of internet connection on it to get this sorted out. Albeit only temporary connection, via USB dongle, or something.

So there is a driver out there. Could you boot from an Ubuntu Live ISO and give us more details then? We need to know more.

ok what to do

I’d suggest boot from an Ubuntu Live ISO. Then open Firefox to the forum, then open a terminal and run the

sudo inxi --admin --verbosity=7 --filter --no-host --width

… command in the terminal. Copy that output and paste it in the thread encased in the triple backticks (```) as described previously.

Or you can run the command inxi -Fazy command from Manjaro, and copy the terminal output to a text file on a USB, and give it here. This way we have the real current output of your hardware status from Manjaro, and you don’t need to download and use Ubuntu.

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Usually those models need to run this from terminal, one by one:

sudo modprobe -r tg3
sudo modprobe -r broadcom
sudo modprobe brodacom
sudo modprobe tg3