Help using X11 instead of Wayland or make Wayland less jumpy

Thinkpad P14s, intel cpu, nvidia graphics card (using the non-nvidia drivers), 4k screen, KDE Plasma
2x 1080p external monitors

I have been using Wayland due to how easy it is to scale a single monitor and how seamless it all works in general.
However, since I have nvidia graphics, I get constant video lag issues, jumpy mouse issues, and major delays when running all browsers (including Firefox).

The reading I have done suggests the only way to fix these issues is to switch back to X11.

Have tried to scale individual monitors using xrandr or the gui, but have had no luck getting it to work. Also, many threads advise against using xrandr --scale as it rasterises the screen and it ends up being blurry.

My question is, how do I get Wayland to be more compatible and less jumpy (even as I type this, the letters display approx. 200ms after the keypress), or use X11 to scale my laptop monitor only?

I am new to Arch/Manjaro. I have been using Linux for several years but typically only Ubuntu with Gnome.

Please let me know what other information you require about my system.

To use it just select the X11 session at the login screen.
If there is no such selection available then it may be a problem of your SDDM theme.

Switch to AMD-graphics !
do not expect that nvidia will ever take care for proper support of linux.

Display scaling is under Display in Plasma system settings.

My experiences with Nvidia are similarly disappointing. I switched from a Radeon HD 5770 to a GTX 970 for performance reasons some time ago.
Neither the Nvidia driver nor Nouveau are 100% satisfactory. X11 is ok except that I can’t use 3D acceleration in KVM/Qemu (can’t initialize EGL). But with Wayland it’s worse. I have graphics glitches, disappearing menu icons in the window bar, so I am back to X11.

Maybe it helps you if you use mainly the Intel GPU.
Have you tried NVIDIA Optimus or PRIME?

I hope with each driver update that the problems will be less, but so far unfortunately not.
But the present time you can’t really recommend NVIDIA under Linux.

It’s a little hard to switch out the graphics card on the laptop :frowning:

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I have X11 as an option to use. The issue is that I am unable to scale just one of my monitors using X11. If I scale to 200%, the 4k laptop monitor looks great, but the 1080p desktop monitors are super zoomed in.

I’ll try disabling the nvidia gpu and see how the laptop runs.
I’m not a gamer, this is a development laptop, so I probs dont even use the P520 during normal operations…

i doubt that this will work. the internal gpu isn’t designed to drive several displays. you’ll have to deal with the nvidia-gpu if you wanna drive several displays at once.
btw.: a laptop was/is and will never be a workstation.