Help us to redesign our homepage


I was just being sarcastic there mate. There’s no way they do that. :smile:


I think he referred to this:

A new meber here, can't access some forum posts, why? [Solved]

@philm The theme you are currently testing is a standard theme, also available in bootstrap etc. and is used too widely in the web. I would highly recommend to use something simpler, as i mentioned i tested it in hugo too. The amount of tweaking it needs too make it look not like a standard bootstrap theme anymore is too much. So i guess it’s a bad theme skeleton to start with. In the end of the week my project finishs, i will fork and try to help you out :slight_smile:

I guess the arch page is the best starting point I’ve seen in hugo:

I know this is a good quick solution and i like hugo, but I think in the future we need a more unified approach with a fitting wiki and webpage design and this can be tricky with just code gen.

Archweb for example is done with django, if you want something like this, or whatever In a django solution which includes the wiki and the webpage just pm me. I am a python dev and my django skills are good enough to provide something good and I would be glad to help you out.


We want exactly the new Social Media type of thing. As more and more I’m thinking about it, this would be the right approach. People use now tablets and phones and discourse, hugo and other things are designed for this new technology. So Manjaro should adopt it. We will simply say goodby to SMF forum and old technology. This is overall what I can see as trend …


@svnset: I’m open for any suggestions. The Arch-theme needs some love if we want to adopt it. That is why I offered to do it via github and present your suggestions so we can decide faster.

@all: regarding the ownership switch. Some might know that Manjaro was founded by Roland Singer. As he won’t have any time for Manjaro anymore the ownership must change. Staff and crew was already internally informed. When the transition is done we will also inform the community about all changes made so far.

Btw. we have now our GlobalSign ssl certificate renewed for one year and we also took needed steps so we won’t miss it next time …


The website is OK as you dont need to interact with it much the Forum is a whole different matter…guess i will not be using it much…


I think a webdesign dude could do wonders, and I can’t imagine its difficult to adjust the content area to screen and have a fixed menu on top that doesn’t disappear when scrolling.


well that whole waste to the right of main box needs to go… better clearer way of seeing posts and following even your own,all this Tag s and moving posts etc gets confusing …Im a Bit on the OCD side and it don’t feel logical or in any type of order …the old forum and Handys is take 1 look and its all in place and easy to find stuff and follow it…

Sad really the amount of hours i spent in manjaro forums over the 4 yrs…and that i will no longer


I agree with both you and ikey. I have three self-hosted Wordpress sites and I’m working to transition two to Hugo. I just finished creating a personal blog with Hugo, but I have to set up a custom domain. I will setup this page when I do.

I’ll work on a fork and send a couple ideas your way, but I like the theme you are using. I tried to use the Arch theme, but it is heavier than most (download-wise).


I am very glad that Manjaro is continuing on! I am amazed at how easy it has been to transition from Windows, thanks to Manjaro.

I also think the Hugo page looks great. I am glad to see links to everything related to Manjaro there (wiki, etc.) Visually it seems to flow with the forum style, which helps create a identifiable environment. IMO. Looking forward to it!


Ikey’s Solus forum has a traditional layout though.

Nice use of colour, modern fonts, but the forum format is familiar.


Just looking at the Solus forum / site…the site is just a boring HTML5 type site you make on Wix or some other free web host…

The Forum is way too white and very hard on the eyes again total lack of thought on the design in regards to users don’t forget Ikey Doherty is a developer not a designer !!

The actual layout is 100% better the whole screen is used not just a small piece forced to the left… on the index the right hand column which only has post number and some arrow in manjaro…has the recent posts, ( but i use desktops / lap tops ) this software isn’t designed for those users

in the individual forums the text box is almost full screen with the left side used for posters profile etc…

also there is no intrusive title / menu bar that scrolls out of the way freeing up more space manjaros just takes another lump of screen as it sits under the browser search bar

They dont have any sub forums which is needed for Manjaro but as they are a 1 version distro they don’t need it

so layout is way way better …colour or lack thereof is terrible needs to be darkened down maybe different font etc…


Couple of things to improve the experience:

  • Provide a download button next to “Find Out More” on the top page. The user needs to search for download button, either in the menu or scroll down, when it is probably the top call to action,
  • The menu at the top is rather cluttered and has no hierarchy of importance, which deters the user from identifying important aspects. I don’t know exactly what the hierarchy of importance should be, however it’s natural to assume that Wiki, Forum, About, Download, and Contact are the most important. Several top-level menu items can be rolled up into those categories … Classic Forum into Forum, and Features, Lists and Mirrors into About.
  • The verbiage for download should be consistent (“Download” when you scroll down, “Get” in the menu at the top)
  • You should improve the contrast of the text in a couple of places (headline over image, and text describing Manjaro). They fail all levels of WebAIM contrast standards, and the legibility of those two items are pretty important.

If it helps to give my callouts some weight, I’m a frontend JS developer with quite a bit of UX training and testing experience.


I totally agree with the advice. I would have said the same but waited for an expert to have a stronger impact! :sunglasses:


I only like this template:

The start page looks really good and this is important if you want to attract new users.

Don’t put the “news” section on the first page again, it gives a bad first impression.

And what I don’t like about the design above are the horizontal color fields:

I would completely remove these colored fields, or replace them with images like here:

The other designs look very dated.


Nice to see the old (classic!) forum accessible again and on the new website. Thanks @philm! Lots of good info there.


Is the classic forum going to be “live” and maintained in parallel to this one or “static” and locked as a historic repository of useful information?


I do hope that design isnt final, looks like a boring generic computing website.
No idea of what the OS is about and its mission statement.
It should look more “manjaro”


@philm: Just realized that the wiki has no favicon.
As I usually use ONLY the favicon (+ 1 or 2 letters for similar icons) in the bookmarks, it makes it hard to find the wiki at the moment :wink:


It’s not really useful, but the icon and the “Manjaro” logo are different in every webpage (new forum, old forum, wiki, homepage).