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Some of you might remember our old wordpress launch page we had back in the days. Sure, wordpress is not the way to go anymore. Now some are hyping hugo. Hugo is easy and works also with github pages for promotional usage. So why not try to redesign the old page using hugo for it? To get a feeling for the old page you can use this link and check it out from the web.archive.

So if you like to help us out to get back to our good old days with newer technology we are more than welcome for that.

Currently I’m working to get the wiki, mail server and other stuff back. Also there will be a change of ownership of Manjaro coming soon.

Currently I’m already started on the new Hugo page. The development version can be found here. People are welcome to fork our new page and develop it further. I recommend to read the readme first.


Seems this theme is near to our needs already. This is how Arch would look like :wink: This one might even work better after some modifications in colours …

The only “requirement” :sweat_smile: I would ask for that the homepage doesn’t become a CPU benchmarking tool with too many dynamic elements. Antergos page for example is too much for my taste in this regard. :unamused:


@philmThe one here would indeed be nice with some work:

Why isn’t Wordpress the way to go anymore? As far as I know, Wordpress is progressing as well and the latest versions now include responsive design, which make it suitable for all types of devices.

Not that I’m advocating Wordpress, I’m just wondering why it isn’t the way to go anymore.


We used Wordpress in the past. Let me just quote Ikey from the Solus Project on that one:

At the moment we’re using Wordpress with a premium theme,
but honestly it’s more pain than it’s worth at times.
We’re looking to change in the near future to something
pregenerated, like a Hugo site



The issue with Wordpress was the hackability and not having full control over it. Hugo is more lightweight and faster to render plus easy to use. And with Wordpress we got hacked to often.


As a WordPress geek, I have nothing but high praise for what the tool is capable of producing. My personal site is some 50GB in size with few difficulties. But I’m old and cranky… no longer as trendy as I used to be.:blush:

Those are some good reasons.


I would like to help. I also have to mention that go is very nice :slight_smile:

Looks too Social Media type thing…with tweets and stuff like the forum…would rather see a proper website actually


I just tested this one with hugo:

The Result is not that satisfying, the navbar effect gets annoying pretty fast so i guess it’s not a good skeleton choice to start with.

EDIT: Also i would suggest to use small bootstrap elements like scrollbars, dropdown menus etc. Enhances the website quality without much work.


Is there a roadmap for the “forward facing” manjaro? It seems there are only 4 elements a distro needs:

  1. Homepage with basic info and directions to the other elements
  2. Download page
  3. Wiki/knowledge base
  4. Support avenue for community of users

One should decide if these are all going to share a uniform design up front rather than doing it piecemeal. For instance, replicating the floating nav bar of this discourse forum on the homepage and wiki might actually be nice from an aesthetic standpoint. The hamburger menu could be replicated as well with the links of interest for each site.


I agree that a uniform design is nice. But i don’t think we should include the forum or rely too much on it. It would be nice if the webpage and the wiki fit together :slight_smile:


Could you please explain what “change in ownership of Manjaro” means?

Haha, you can’t just slip that at the end of a post. This sounds pretty big news.


The reason why WordPress is disliked is because it’s dynamically generated (as opposed to other solutions that are static) which means it is much more prone to exploits and vulnerabilities.

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i guess we all need to know what the change of ownership and new direction manjaro is evolving before we can offer any help in making a website…as it could require many different things than a basic web site would normally offer

I care more about the change of ownership more than the homepage redesign. Chanonical or Valve bought Manjaro? :open_mouth:

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WordPress has goldenly been silenced, the first one reminded me of 2014 theme. The second one reminded me of of the generic buddy-press theme, I’ll vote for the third one.:thinking:

Goodness, I don’t hope Canonical or Valve bought Manjaro.

I’d have to switch to Arch or Antergos if that’s the case.

I don’t like what Canonical did to Ubuntu at all. It has become a flavor of Linux that just doesn’t feel like Linux anymore.

And Valve would make a gaming distro out of Manjaro.

Could you give us more details;

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