Help to install PXE-Server

Would like to install a reasonably up-to-date and resource-saving Linux (perhaps AntiX?!) on an aging PC (32bit) via PXE. Problem: PC can not boot from USB stick…thought therefore to install a small PXE server on my current Manjaro PC…but do not know how to do that. Need a step by step guide.
The old PC has legacy BIOS and only 512 MB RAM.

Thanks to all “Zulesenden”!!!

Hello @Sunniy :wink:

and you are sure this old BIOS can boot from PXE? Otherwise use a CD. Sure you can also remove the internal HDD, prepare it with ventoy for example and put an ISO on the ventoy partition. Keep sure you don’t give all space to the ventoy partition. Then put it back and boot.

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