Help setup a Brother printer in Arm

Yes, it varies, ip-address/ipp/p1 most often, but there are other
Debian has 2-3 wiki pages on airprint/driverless

Thank you for your help.
I finally figured out how to configure the printer and was able to successfully print. I found an article on the arch wiki and it says to use the ipp://printeripaddress:631/ipp/print. On the cups browser, I tried to configure the brother printer driver (driverless driver) to the source address above. It would communicate with the printer but print multiple blank pages. Then I decided to setup a new printer on the cups page. This time not using the brother driver but manually setting up airprint ipp. I added the source address above and manually called it Brother and it worked. Finally got my printer set up. Thank you all once again for your patience and support.

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Ah, yes that is one of the “gotcha’s” you DON"T use the x86 ppd, because it has a x86 driver reference in it,
but generic which come from the printers rom

Is it possible to use the scanner feature through airplay?

I think so, I have never done this, but most printer companies have
an android phone app that I think has scanning

I think there is a driver that enables the scanning “brscan4” though that may be for x86 as it doesnt build on aarch64

I noticed cups drivers had an update and now printer doesn’t work again. I tried to reinstall the cups and enable systemctl service:
systemctl enable --now org.cups.cupsd.service

I get a failed to enable unit. Does not exist. Anyone know what its been changed to? I get an error when I go to local host:631/admin now on my browser as well.

***UPDATE: cups page is working again and was able to set my printer up again. I don’t know if the
org.cups.cupsd.service is necessary. Restarting the cups-browsed.service seem to do the trick.