Help restore backup timeshift

It is a problem when restoring
For me, Manjaro is installed in luks ext4 mode, everything is located in the root partition, except for the boot efi partition, which is in the path
boot/efi/ mounted
Now restore through timeshift
When I select the boot path on root, it does not accept
I have to select choose “boot” and “boot/efi” separate efi partitions, this causes problems in grub.
Where is the problem?

Do you use 3 separate partitions?

  • The root LUKS partition Ext4 “/”
  • The boot partition Ext4 “/boot”
  • The EFI partition “Fat32 /boot/efi”
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Both are in the Root Partition
I didn’t make a separate for the boot.

I had mistakenly copied the boot files to the boot/efi path, which caused this problem. I formatted the boot/efi partition, reinstalled Grub, and it was solved.

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