Help! research problems, How to overwrite old with a fresh install + HDD is not under /etc/fstab

Hey Guys,
i know there are probably a few dumb questions to follow but I hope you can hang on and leave a suggestion for a beginner because I’m quite stuck and can not find a solution. Where I have already come to my first Problem:

How do you guys research problems succesfully because after a Google and You Tube search I am often lost how to continue.

  1. I have a working Manjaro gnome setup on my ssd but want to have my Games(steam) downloaded to my Hdd.
    BUT I cannot mount the Hdd in Disks (while i tried another Hdd, which i actually could mount (still was not shown in my file manager)). I tried to mount it and the terminal returned that it is not in /etc/fstab (what ever that means).

  2. I have played around with my system a lot and it got out of hand, while i started doing snapshots of my system to late. now i wanna nuke my system and get a fresh install but there is no menu option for it. Could i just boot again from the Usb (also do not know how that is made) and install Manjaro a second time? Is the old installation lost then with all the other data (tons of gigs from Games cluttering my ssd though meant to go on Hdd)?

You have probably noticed and you can hopefully apologize that I’m pretty lost indeed cause i made a switch from Windows a few days ago.

I will be very grateful about ALL of your suggestions and ideas.
yours sincerely

If you have an error, use it at search keys. Otherwise try searching with keys describing the behavior encountered.
Also you’ll probably find more results in English.
Also there are generally places in which you are likely to find results, like Arch wiki, Manjaro wiki, and this very forum. The archived forum may also provide some answers.

fstab is a file for configuring how to mount defined partitions. gnome-disk-utility (Disks) can serve as a frontend for it.
Otherwise you can also use systemd.

Reinstallation – from the same liveUSB indeed – usually involves scratching the previous root partition. So if you did not make a separate partition for your data beforehand, that will be indeed lost. Unless you save it on a spare drive before reinstalling.


Is the HDD you want to use formatted? If it formatted into a partition it should be mountable by Disks. Although recently I saw in a thread where there was some type of Windows file system that couldn’t be read by Linux. The usual NTFS and exfat Windows partitions should work. So should Linux ext4 filesystems.

If it is not formatted, then you must format it. If it is fresh and you only want it used for Linux I would use ext4. If you have a dual boot system and want to read the disk in both Windows and Linux then use exfat or NTFS.

To have it always mounted at boot up you would click on the gears icon for the partition and check the box -mount at startup- and if you want it to show in the file manager as a device still you would check the box for -show in user interface-

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