Help please i want distoprotion

Hi i have laptop hp comaq presario a900
Ram 3 gb
Cpu core2duo t5750 2ghz
Intelchipset g965 mobile
Ssd 240
I want to install Manjaro kde
I try Manjaro kde 22.0.5 but its dont install can any one help me please :pleading_face:

You are are going to need to provide more information.
What have you tried, what fails? Please provide output.

When i prees install the window is hide i want older distro for my laptop i want Manjaro kde please and thank you

Probably you have this issue:

You need at least 4GB RAM although a manual installation could still work:

Besides that, I would not recommend installing it on such an old laptop, at least not KDE. A Window-Manager (like i3wm or swaywm) would work much better, but it is not newbie friendly.

HP comaq presario a900 “supports up to 2 GB of system RAM” (Compaq Presario A900 User Manual) minus the memory for the graphics, so it will have about 1.8GB of available memory and that’s not enough for Manjaro.
A good distro for that would be antiX.

Thanks i will back to windows 7