Help patching PKGBUILD - failing validity check

Hi! Sorry for the noob question.

I’m trying to install a FL2000 driver for my USB VGA dongle. There’s this /fl2000-dkms AUR (sorry, I can’t post links) that nicely packages an open source implementation of this driver, but it’s broken. Luckily, someone already addressed this error I’m having and commented a solution (it’s one of the three comments) that involves editing some lines in the source code and package files.

The problem is that I’m not really sure how to apply this patch. I edited the PKGBUILD and file just as described and created the patch file in the root directory with the “f2000_surface.c.patch” name, but then I get
==> Validating source files with md5sums…
FL2000 … Skipped … Passed
fl2000_surface.c.patch … FAILED
==> ERROR: One or more files did not pass the validity check!

I tried putting the patch file in a directory called “src” but it’s the same error. I tried using * makepkg --nobuild* to get the source files, manually applying the patch, removing the “patch” command from the “package” function and then installing the package normally, but I also get validity check errors. If I try silencing the errors it also breaks.

What am I doing wrong when patching the way the AUR comment says? Is there something else I can try?

Kernel version Linux 5.10.42-1-MANJARO

The files changed so you need to update the checksums first with updpkgsums.

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Thanks a lot! Apparently it installed nicely when I manually patched the file (if I tried to do it when building the package it failed). My dongle’s still not working, but that’s a different story. Again, thanks :slight_smile:

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