Help on .lease extension

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Can someone explain the need or use of the .lease extension ?


I have never heard of that extension. Would it be used by a specific application?

What’s the full filename and where did you come across the file?

Hi and thank you for your replies. I’m a total newbie, but I’m very curious. Please see if attached pic can hel the answer.

Lease files are used for network connections, not a simple subject, if you are interested check for some more background details for example in the paragraph DHCP Client Identifier of this Arch wiki page:

or this Ubuntu manpage:


You can open them with a text editor, but there’s not much point. All they contain is something like this:

# This is private data. Do not parse.

Thank you Wollie, for your answer. I was just wondering were did it came from and also a certain NetworkManager-intern.conf file and why do I delete it on each reboot and it comes back when I connect to the internet. Also I find my ethernet adapter to have a peculiar name - enp39s0. Any clues ?

My instalation, is just 2 pc’s connected to the router.

This behavior is exactly what I would expect, this dynamic file is needed for getting a connection, so what is your problem with that file?

enp39s0 seems to be the device name of your ethernet adapter, you can double check by the command

ip link

As a newbie, I can’t even reply to your answer. The only thing is that someone, once told me to keep an eye on that folder and using FreeFilesSync compare, I found out that the presence of this file was very recent. Anyway, if you say it’s ok, I’ll take it as the solution for this. Thank you once again for taking your time.


To put some extra clarification here …

Using DHCP, your local network will ‘lease’ addresses to devices for their connection … sometimes this is only allowed for certain devices, or for a certain time, etc … in any case … thats what this is here - if we use @Yochanan’s example above - the local address of their system on the network is … I would bet their router is, and all other devices are assigned an address of or so.

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