Help! not able to install manjaro

I have a laptop and I want to install manjaro on it. I create a boot able USB boot from it (uefi) and reach the menu at which it asks to boot in manjaro live but as soon as I click on it the screen goes blank and does not resume. I tried adding nomodeset and the this time it does not go black it shows lot of OK and stuff and get stuck at starting and stopping lightdm. If I boot in legacy mode it boots fine I tried installing it in uefi while in legacy mode, it installs fine but doesn’t show the grub or anything just boot normally into windows, I encounter similar problems in arch Linux but every other Linux works absolutely fine. My laptop has celeron n3050 Intel brass well graphics 2 gb ram it works every Linux os quite stably except some graphics problems (windows work quite snappy) I will appreciate any help I want to have manjaro

Your best bet is to use uefi mode, but choose free drivers, that should get over the lightdm error.

There is no magic wand which can make your system work.

If you cannot install Arch then you cannot install Manjaro - spare yourself from the pain of trying to get something working which may not.

And more important - please spare the community from a lost cause.

Thanks just wanted to make sure.

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