Help! No sound after using Jamulus

I’ve been hoping to use Jamulus on my laptop, and after finally getting Jamulus to work I suddenly have no sound. I’ve tried uninstalling pulseaudio and doing the work around to make alsa my volume control, but that hasn’t worked. After trying multiple online tips in my terminal, I suspect that alsa is not recognizing my audio output? I’m very new at this, but am hoping I can make Jamulus work and still have a working laptop!

Welcome to Manjaro

Jamulus requires JACK sound server for audio

If you launch jamulus system may start JACK for audio, but in a limited way
JACK will take control of an ALSA audio device normally used by PulseAudio, but packages that use PulseAudio will not be able to use the ALSA device directly

It is usually recommended to use cadence or qjackctl to manage and monitor JACK from a GUI
These packages can start JACK and automatically add audio connections ( Pulseaudio JACK Sink and PulseAudio JACK Source) so audio streams in PulseAudio can play through JACK to the ALSA device
The packages will also stop JACK gracefully and return control of the ALSA device to PulseAudio

If Jamulus is used alone it may not stop JACK when closed and it is unlikely to restore PulseAudio to working state

You can use this command if you only need a connection for audio playback from PulseAudio to JACK

pacmd load-module module-jack-sink

and this command to ensure audio playback in PulseAudio is directed to JACK

pacmd set-default-sink jack_out

When Jamulus is closed you may need this command to stop JACK:

killall jackd

and this to restart PulseAudio

systemctl --user restart pulseaudio