Help needed with W10 VM setup

Hello there
I intend to setup a Windows 10 virtual machine Via VMware(host Manjaro XFCE 20.2, Kernel Linux 5.9.16-1).
I have a few doubts regarding using the discrete GPU, since it’s the 1st time i do such thing, i don’t exactly know how to set that up.
I take a look at display settings:

Since i have a GTX1650 SUPER, i want to use it for 3D software on the VM, but i don’t know if i should be able to choose it straight from there.
Sorry if i dont explain correctly, i’m quite new to this

Why do you ask in the Manjaro forum? I think you’ll not find many Windows 10 experts here.

I dont think im asking about w10 exactly, but how to set a VM on Manjaro, if i need to do some tinkering with the terminal and such

The picture you posted does not look like VMware. Are you sure you need help with VMware?


Making sure I understand you correctly, you want to be able to make the GPU available to the windows guest and run programs on the windows guest that benefit from the GPU?
Have you checked if that is supported with the kind of software you are running? It seems that this is not possible on vmware.

If you are just asking the explanation of the 3d acceleration function, what controller to choose or how much memory to allocate, the vmware support pages should give you some hints.
For most basic things the 3d acceleration and some video memory should suffice, just don’t expect the same performance.

yes, indeed i’m wrong, sorry for that, it is Oracle Virtualbox :stuck_out_tongue:

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