Help need to set the Manjaro KDE configuration

I installed the KDE plasma upon my GNOME 40 since I really fed up with Gnome. I know this is a bad way of installing KDE but I had no other options, I could not create a new user for KDE, since I need to preserve some user access permission for my work user account.

then I removed gnome from the machine and removed my .config, hoping the KDE would start as factory settings.
But when I try to use KDE settings manager, my UI is garbled, text is not readable, I chose Breeze as global theme. I have screenshots but this forum is not letting to me post screenshots, however the font color is not readable and not exactly what it should be from the latest KDE Plasma UI.
I need a bit help on how to launch the KDE default setup, I tried to remove the /home/user/.config file but still not effect.

thank you for your help

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Removing a DE after installing another one is often a nightmare and the reason it’s generally not recommendable.

Why don’t you save some disk space and make a second Manjaro installation just with KDE and then you have time to copy over essential configs from your existing installation?

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It’s not bad, it’s just how you’re supposed to do it.

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I read so many articles says its always better to install fresh KDE but in my case, I cannot do that since the work machine loaded with so many required libraries.

I know its a nightmare which is I am in. I am not authorized to go for a full system wide installation since this is a work machine, plus my user is assigned various access roles to our internal office setup ( LDAP and others), so I cannot create another user though.
All I can do is to work around the KDE config and make it work exactly as a fresh KDE installation.

thank you

few screenshots here

I dont know why the above screenshots not working. I followed the tutorial

Since you mention “internal office setup ( LDAP and others)”. Is that means your company got someone to do that setup job? If so, just reinstall Manjaro with Plasma.