Help me choose my next laptop

I am new to linux and testing with Manjaro KDE xps 13 first gen. I am on the market for a new laptop and want to continue using Linux. Which laptop do you guys recommend ?? As far as the specs, I would need something of the same caliber as the one I have now but with a better screen and a smudge more power.
The newest xps 13 are quite expensive but most of all, they have their RAM solder. Its a big No No for me. I am quite overwhelmed in this new space so I appreciate any help and ideas…

You could also check some laptops preinstalled with Manjaro on it here

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Thanks. Here comes the questions :crazy_face:
I have read many posts that said to try to avoid intel and go for AMD. This is for compatibility issue. Is that really the case ?
I am asking because I had my eye on the ManjaroBook 14" AMD Ryzen. Since I got overwhelmed with all the technical aspects of things, I kind of threw the towel :thinking:

PS: I do run Windows VMs. So, I need enough power and RAM to be comfortable running Windows in a VM.

I run Manjaro for a few years on an Intel based laptop and never had any serious problem. So I’m not the guy that would give you a good answer on this on :wink:

I think (but I could be wrong) that the problem is between NVIDIA and AMD GPU’s. But hey, I’m the intel-guy, remember :innocent:

Hope someone is willing to give you some info.

Thanks. I believe I am out of luck anyways as it says out of stock.
I just installed Manjaro on my old Intel Laptop and want to tell you I spent hours troubleshooting and tweaking but no. I think the install finished in about less than 10 minutes without a glitch :nerd_face:
Did not spend any time tweaking or troubleshooting either. Everything worked out the box…

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Is Manjaro the distrib going into hardware ?
Is the battery good on those laptops ? I know this is very subjective because it depends on how you use your laptop but if you had some benchmark that would be nice…

PS: It says on the website a battery of 54WH would give you 8 to 10 h computing. Hmm… If anyone has any real benchmark, ping me please.

I ran Manjaro on my old Lenovo Yoga 910 which was Intel and never had a problem. I’m now using a Lenovo Thinkpad T14 AMD and there are only a few minor bugs on it which I’m working out, but nothing major. It’s been a pretty smooth experience. I even upgraded the RAM to 32 GB. One RAM is soldered but there is an empty slot to upgrade.

ah yes the T14… what are the bugs ?

I had an issue with the wifi but I think it’s resolved now. I’m also having an issue with the screen going black after signing in after coming out of sleep mode which I’m looking into. It doesn’t happen every time though. I don’t really have any issues with anything else so far. I’ve only had the laptop a few weeks.

how do you find the battery ?

I honestly can’t answer that as I’ve been using it on my desktop plugged in most of the time. I haven’t tried to use it for the full length of the battery but I do use it unplugged I don’t think it drains too fast.

I believe I found the solution to my wifi problem. I don’t think it was the fault of Manjaro or my T14, but the VPN software I was using.

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