Help installing manjaro-kde-16.10.3-stable-x86_64 iso on macbook with Radeon HD 6490M 256mb graphics


I am just trying to boot a Live manjaro from a USB flashdrive on a 2011 Macbook Pro 15" with the Radeon HD 6490M graphics set. I followed the forum directions installing the converted ISO manjaro-kde-16.10.3-stable-x86_64 and I am getting stuck booting it – I get to the Waiting for Plymouth Boot Screen to Quit (as many others here have) and so I CTL-ALT-F2 to shell.

I followed some instructions here to edit a mwhd config file (sorry didn’t copy that down) to change VESA to RADEON. I then did the instructed sudo modprobe RADEON. And I rebooted but still hung at the same place.

I went to shell again and tried startx which was suggested. But error messages say XSERVTransMakeAllCOTSServerListeners: server already running.

So it seems the system thinks I am already in Xwindows??

I am a complete newb and trying to boot this LIVE distro so I can start to learn… I am not looking to install it on my Macbook…

I have searched other long threads on this without finding more that seems to apply.

Thanks in advance if anyone can help me through this hump.


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